Awakening of interest in a children's theatre different from that to break with old habits to make way for a theatre imaginative and committed to the needs of the child. An alternative to the world of education that provides spectacles designed by and for the development of the child.


Our vision is to mark a before and an after in the way of doing children's theatre. To be a company a benchmark for other companies, parents, children, cultural programmers and mainly teachers. A long-term goal would be to position ourselves and get the impact that you have, for example cantajuegos.

about us

Quetramas is a theater producer who produces and distributes children's shows with their own identity. We offer original shows, adapted to our times and needs. Our main goal is to awaken the creativity and to offer you both the teachers and the students this tool indispensable to the resolution of problems and the evolutionary development of the child.

Quetramas is comprised of a team of professional Actors and an expert in the world of education, specialist in clinical neuropsychology, with a long career as an educational psychologist in a school. The stakeholders of the company, have extensive training and extensive professional career in the area of the performing arts, the music and the world of education.

Throughout his professional career, they have performed in the theaters most prestigious of Spain and Latin america such as The Centro Dramático Nacional (Madrid), Teatro Español (Madrid), Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid(spain) Teatro Zorrilla (Valladolid), Teatro Romea (Murcia), Teatro Apolo (buenos Aires), Teatro Cervantes Buenos Aires) etc.. Quetramas was born in 2013 with the intention of renovating and bet for a children's theatre more experimental adapted to our times.